1/2 All Out

Woke up every morning and hoping that the next day would be great would be fantastic. Hoping that people around me could make me happy, and me can cheer myself up with the surrounding. Trying to appreciate those little things as what people said "Just give and take" Words re just to easy to spit out but action? Nahhh, it's hard mayn. Yah give ur best to people and takes every single positive vibes u've got but those bullshit things u've heard u've seen it must be ignored. yknow what i've been wondering all the time, how to make people around us accept us accept the worst part of us and appreciate us? yep, it always cross ma mind i tell yah. Sometimes it's pretty sad when u gave 110% efforts but NONE of them see one. NONE i repeat. Ok. actually not okay at all. the reality u saw is not even a real thing u've seen here. u might see her laughing see her smiling see her making jokes see her happy being surrounded by friends but u don't even noe a thing about her. Just one thing, take care of yourself first.