i type and delete......  i hope i wouldn't hurt others with my word. Change? What s wrong with changing? we know it's hard, i know. experience taught us how to be strong, how to handle things, how to realize we r not living in fantasy. people shoudn't come out with words " u should wear handsocks, stockins" "pls dont wear skinny jeans cover up ur aurat" "u don't deserve a place in heaven if u don't do so" yknow what. u might say that but the truth u don't even know if she wore shorts in the past or she don' t wear scarf in the past or she went to club etc. and now she tried to wear jeans but still the tight one but she started to wear scarf. changing is not about a total drastic change, it's about how u will change urself and make it permanent in ur future. Goodluck in changing for a better things. xoxo